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Damizle Honey Lemon Tea [580g, 1kg]

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  • South Korea South Korea
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[Strong Points]

- This Honey Lemon Tea is sterilized in a Tube Heat Exchanger and vacuum-packed during a production, so you can enjoy fresh lemon color and flavor as tea, jam and etc in every season.

- Enjoy full of Lemon flesh

- The unique design of glass bottle is made by Da Jung Co., Ltd. And it is designed for easy grap and opening. Motivated from 'Cheom Seong Dae' which is a the oldest surviving observatory in Korea and in East Asia.


[Health Benefit]

Lemon is good for fatigue recovery, cold prevention, skin care. And Vitamin P in lemon is help Vitamin C to reinforce capillary (vessel) so it is good for high blood pressure and artery hardening.



1kg x 12 bottles

580g x 20 bottles


[Main Ingredients]

Sweetmeat of lemon, Honey, Fructose, Carrageenan, and ect.


[Serving Suggestions]

: Tea, Cocktail, Ade, Jam, Dressing, etc.
(1) Hot : Put 3 or 4 teaspoons of Citron Tea into a cup of hot water.
Stir well before serving.
(2) Cold : Put 3 or 4 teaspoons of Citron Tea into a 1/4 glass of hot water.
Stir well and add 3/4 ice water and ice into the glass.
(3) Spread : Spead liberally on toast or biscuits.
(4) Others : Various recipes as baking cakes and cookies as flavor and salad dressing and ice-cream topping


[Other Information]

Self Life : 24 months
Storage : Refrigerate after opening
Place of Origin : Korea
HS Code : 2106.90-3029
Certification : ISO22000, FDA
Brand : Damizle
Supply ability : 15000 bottles / day
Delivery time : 2~3 weeks based on P/O